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The best Spring decorating ideas

The best Spring decorating ideas

Looking for ways to spruce up your home this Spring? This season is the perfect opportunity to spend time revamping your home, whether you want to clear out old stuff and make room for the new, change the layout of a room or have a complete redecorating spree.

If you are struggling for ideas (which let’s face it, happens to us all!) we’ve got you covered. Our team have rested up after Christmas and now have the time (and energy) to find home décor inspiration for all of our customers.

Here are some decorating ideas to try out this Spring!

Sky blue colour palettes

One trend that we have noticed at the start of this season is the increasing popularity of sky blue colour schemes. Many people are choosing to paint their walls this colour, hang curtains in this shade and incorporate it into their dining tables, bedrooms and anywhere else you can think of!

We love how light and natural it makes a room look and would definitely use it at home ourselves.

Yellow accents

Want to add colour to your home without redecorating the whole place? Yellow accents, which are proving to be popular at the moment, are the perfect way to do this. All you need to do to achieve this classy yet contemporary look is add a yellow cushion, rug, throw, painted artwork or even paint a bit of woodwork into your interior.

This style works best if you put the yellow against a light colour for warm, soft tone or against dark colours like turquoise or purple to really make it pop and stand out.

Let there be light

If you have spent the recent cold and dark winter with the curtains closed and blinds down, you will probably welcome any extra light Spring has to offer. If you think it is time for new ones, we would recommend white, lightweight blinds that allow natural light in even when they are shut. For those who love a bit of colour, you can opt for bright curtains in shades like fuchsia, lilac, emerald, rose red or any other shade you have your eyes on.

Embrace flowers and floral designs

Another upcoming trend for this Spring is flowers for décor, along with floral designs. These have always been extremely popular but this is more so true in Spring, when the flowers outside begin to wake up too! Flowers can be placed in any area of your home, for example, on shelves, as dining table centrepieces, on bookshelves, hung across bedroom walls or on window sill.

If you don’t want to use real flowers, there are lots of fake alternatives out there that look realistic. Or you could always use floral designed items like bedding, blankets, wall art and photos, or wallpaper.

We hope that you find these tips and ideas useful and we’d love to hear if you try them out! If you do, or you have any other decorating trends for us to try, you can get in touch on Facebook or Instagram.