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Easter themed wreath

Make Easter special with a handmade wreath

Easter is only a week away, who’s egg-cited? We are really looking forward to getting an extra-long bank holiday weekend and spending time with family and friends.

If you are into upcycling and fancy making your own decorations this year, why not try a handmade wreath? You can dig out your old one from last year, or treat yourself to a new one, and add lots of detail to make it extra special for the occasion.

Check out some of our ideas and inspiration below…

Bunny shaped wreaths

One type of Easter wreath that we adore is ones that are created in the shape of an adorable bunny. This cute animal design requires a little bit of effort as you will need to bend the wire into a certain position to achieve the perfect appearance.

We advise having a template to hand, whether use this to loosely base your wreath or trace exactly across the lines, as it will ensure you don’t make mistakes along the way. These wreaths can then be dressed with ribbon, flowers, beads and anything else you fancy!

Easter eggs, of course!

The one thing that most of us love about Easter is the yummy chocolate eggs. As well as having religious meaning to celebrate the end of lent, Easter eggs have also become a tradition to non-religious people and those with other beliefs too. They are a great way of showing someone that you care, whether that’s your children, parents, sibling or best friend.

So, why not incorporate them into your wreath?

You will probably be able to find easter egg decorations, be it plastic, clay or wooden, that you can glue onto your wreath. They come in a huge range of colours, styles and sizes, which means you will definitely be able to find one to suit your tastes.

We love it when people use bright, sparkly eggs on wreaths as it makes them eye-catching and memorable to everyone that sees them.

Add a touch of Spring

If you want to display your wreath longer than Easter, then we would recommend opting for a nature-inspired materials rather than using eggs or chicks. You could do this by adding flowers, branches and leaves to create a stunning appearance but also represent the beautiful change in season.

When it comes to flowers, we love how dried statice and lavender plants look when added into the design, so definitely worth considering before starting your crafty project!

We would love to see any wreaths you make this Easter so feel free to leave a comment on this post or even post a photo on our social media. This is the ideal time to get creative and really have some fin!