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Home lighting ideas you need to try

Home lighting ideas you need to try

Spring is finally here which means we will start experiencing lighter and brighter days very soon, hurray!

The clocks go forward on Sunday which means that although you lose an hour in bed, it won’t go dark until an hour later in the evening.

We can’t wait for the season ahead, especially the warmer weather and longer days, so that we can get outside and spend more time with our loved ones.

Because Great British weather is unpredictable (and of course, it is still dark at night), it’s a good idea to have lighting incorporated into your home. This can fit in with your existing décor or be a little bit different and stand out, depending on your requirements.

If you are looking for home lighting but not sure which is best, check out our inspiration and styling tips below!

Prelit cherry blossom trees

These small decorative cherry blossom trees have delicate twig branches that have bright and colourful lights. They can be used as an alternative, unique tree at Christmas but also make an elegant piece for enjoyment all-year-round!

Because they are so small, they can be placed anywhere you want in your home! They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and really are ideal for illuminating any dull space that’s in need of a little extra light.

Hanging LED lights

Want to add character to your home? Hanging LED lights often come with multicoloured bulbs, allowing you to create a vibrant, eye-catching appearance in any room. One great thing about them is that they can be displayed virtually anywhere as they can be easily attached and come with long length wires if required.

The timer on these lights allows you to set the lights to come on and turn off whenever you want, which is idea for children’s bedrooms, where you will have a set bedtime routine. When the lights go off, they will know that it is time to sleep!

Cluster lights

Cluster lights are most commonly used to decorate trees at Christmas but can also be displayed around the home at other times of the year. They can be hung across the ceiling, over and around staircase bannisters, on bookcases or on top of mirrors if you want to make your dressing table extra fancy.

Like hanging LED lights, they come in a range of wiring lengths which gives you flexibility to place them wherever you want, and even move them around now and again!

If you have decided that one of the above types of lighting is a must for your home, we can help! We have lots of lighting options available (not just for Christmas!) that will help you to add colour, charisma and lighting to your home.

For any further advice or information, please contact the team by calling 01253 836594, emailing info@christmasstoredirect.com or filling out our quick and easy contact form.