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Valentine's Day traditions from around the world

Valentine's Day traditions from around the world

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Did you know this occasion is celebrated in various ways around the world, and different cultures have their unique traditions and customs to express love and affection?

From giving chocolate and flowers to romantic meals, there are plenty of ways to spend the day with the one you love.

Check out some Valentine's Day traditions from different parts of the world...


In Japan, it is customary for women to give chocolates to men on Valentine's Day. There are two types of chocolates: "honmei-choco" (chocolates given to romantic interests) and "giri-choco" (obligatory chocolates given to friends, colleagues, or bosses).

South Korea

South Korea has a similar tradition to Japan, but with a twist. On February 14th, women give chocolates to men, and on March 14th (White Day), men reciprocate by giving gifts, often white chocolates.


In France, Valentine's Day is celebrated with romantic dinners and exchanging gifts. However, a unique tradition called "loterie d'amour" was popular in the past. Singles would enter houses facing each other and call out to one another, forming couples. If a man wasn't satisfied with his match, he could leave the woman for another.


Italy is known for its romantic atmosphere, and couples often express their love through gifts and romantic dinners. In some regions, young couples attach padlocks to bridges or other structures and throw the key into the water as a symbol of their everlasting love.


In Wales, St. Dwynwen's Day is celebrated on January 25th as the Welsh equivalent of Valentine's Day. Traditional gifts include love spoons, carved wooden spoons that are exchanged as tokens of affection.


In Brazil, Valentine's Day is celebrated on June 12th. It is known as "Dia dos Namorados" (Lovers' Day), and couples exchange gifts, go out for romantic dinners, and enjoy music festivals and performances.

South Africa

In South Africa, it is common for women to wear their hearts on their sleeves quite literally. Women pin the names of their love interests on their sleeves, making it a public declaration of their affection.

The Philippines

Valentine's Day is a popular day for weddings in the Philippines. Mass weddings are organized, and hundreds of couples tie the knot in a collective ceremony. The event is often sponsored by the government or local authorities.

These traditions highlight the diversity of how love is celebrated and expressed around the world on this special day of the year.

What do you have planned with your loved one? Are you celebrating with a partner or catching up with friends for galentines? Let us know your plans