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Halloween DIY crafts to try

Halloween crafts to try in Autumn (or now if you fancy!)

With the weather feeling so autumnal (even though it’s summer!) we are starting to get excited for the next big tradition… Halloween!

If you fancy getting organised for those parties and trick or treaters, or simply want to start celebrating, why not try these simple yet creative crafts?

Pumpkin carving

Get creative with your pumpkin designs, from traditional spooky faces to intricate patterns, in this timeless tradition celebrated around the world.


Create masks of Halloween characters like witches, ghosts, or monsters using paper plates, paint, and other craft supplies.

Spider webs

Craft eerie spider webs by cutting out concentric circles and then folding and cutting them into intricate web patterns.

Haunted house

Make a mini haunted house scene using a shoebox, construction paper and small themed decorations like zombies, ghouls and vampires.

Ghostly lanterns

Decorate glass jars with tissue paper and googly eyes to make cute and spooky lanterns.

Bat silhouettes

Cut out bat shapes from black paper and stick them to windows or walls for an eye catching yet eerie effect.

Mummy mason jars

Wrap mason jars with white gauze or cloth to create mummy-themed drinks cups and candle holders.

Frankenstein's monster jars

Paint and decorate jars to resemble Frankenstein's monster, then use them as sweet and candy holders for your trick or treating on the night.

Halloween wreaths

Make spooky wreaths using items like fake spiders, plastic bones and orange, green and red ribbons.


Most kids love slime so why not make it with a Halloween twist? All you need to do is add glitter along with plastic spiders or other creepy crawlies for extra fun.

Jack-o'-lantern luminaries

Use small LED lights or candles inside hollowed-out mini pumpkins for cute and safe luminaries.

Spider headband

Dress for the occasion with a spider-themed headband made from pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a simple headband base.

Halloween garland

String together paper cut-outs of bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and more to create a festive garland that can be displayed on walls, staircases or doors.

Haunted mirror

Decorate a mirror with frightening catchphrases, fake spiderwebs, and other eerie embellishments depending on how scary you want to go.

Treat bags

Decorate small bags or boxes (which are preferably made from cardboard or wood) using markers, stickers and stamps then hide away your tasty your treats

Remember, the key to a successful Halloween craft session is to have fun and let your creativity run wild. We’d love to see anything you make in the run up to October, so do feel free to share your products with us!