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Boxing Day traditions around the world

Boxing Day traditions around the world

What's better than leftovers and relaxing with family on Boxing Day? Many of us do this every year, but have you thought about how other people might celebrate around the world?

Boxing Day, which is celebrated on December 26th, is observed in several countries around the world, each with its unique traditions and customs.

Here are some examples...

United Kingdom


Similar to Black Friday in the United States, Boxing Day in the UK and many Commonwealth countries is known for its post-Christmas sales. Many people take advantage of discounted prices and promotions to shop for bargains. If you live in the UK, you will know that those Boxing Day sales are not to miss!

Sporting events

Traditional sports such as football (soccer) are popular on Boxing Day. Many football leagues schedule matches on this day, and people often attend or watch games.



Similar to the UK, Canadians take advantage of Boxing Day sales to shop for discounted items.

Winter sports

In regions with snowy climates, outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are popular on Boxing Day.



In Australia, Boxing Day is synonymous with the Boxing Day Test Match, a cricket match held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It is one of the most significant events in the Australian cricket calendar.

Sales and shopping

Australians also participate in Boxing Day sales and shopping, with retailers offering a range of deals on various products.

South Africa

Cricket and sports

Similar to Australia, cricket is a popular Boxing Day activity in South Africa. People also engage in various outdoor sports and activities.

Charitable activities

The tradition of giving to the less fortunate is also part of Boxing Day in South Africa, with people donating to charities and participating in community service.

New Zealand

Family gatherings

Boxing Day is often a time for family gatherings, picnics, and outdoor activities. Kiwis may enjoy the summer weather and spend time at the beach or in nature.


As in other countries, New Zealanders take advantage of Boxing Day sales and enjoy the bargains offered by many retailers.


St. Stephen's Day

While not officially Boxing Day, December 26th is also known as St. Stephen's Day in Germany. It is a public holiday in some regions, and people may attend church services and engage in charitable activities.

These traditions may vary, and not all countries observe Boxing Day in the same way and some countries don't celebrate it at all. What matters the most is that you spend it how you want, surrounded by your loved ones.