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Reasons your wreaths can stay up all year round!

Reasons your wreaths can stay up all year round!

Not sure what to do with your Christmas wreath? There’s no reason that it can’t be put on display proudly all year round, especially if you have one that is not particularly festive.

In fact, wreaths weren’t originally designed for festive purposes. They date back as far as the Persian Empire, where they were associated with power, importance and success.

Only royalty and the wealthy were allowed to wear them, and rather than a piece of décor, they were worn (in much smaller versions) as headbands which were sometimes accompanied with jewels.

Here are some reasons to keep wreaths up at Christmas, or any other time!

They come in different colours

One of the amazing things about modern wreaths is that they come in a variety of colours and designs. This means that whatever colour scheme you have in your home, you’re guaranteed to find one to fit in (or stand out!)

They are traditionally made from green pine tree but are also available in white snow flocked, and often feature baubles, flowers and/or ribbons to add that extra bit of detail and colour.

Wreaths can be displayed indoors or outdoors

Looking to add a bit of character to your home? Wreaths can be displayed indoors, such as above fireplaces or on walls, or outside your home, with many people choosing to hang them on their front door.

No matter where you choose to place them, they will add something a little bit different and create a talking point for everyone that visits.

They’re extremely affordable

Why spend a fortune on decorations when you can get beautiful wreaths at affordable prices? We stock them for as little as £8.45, which really is cheap as chips! Décor is a great investment, especially when, like wreaths, they last a long time. You can see our full range of stunning wreaths here.

They look natural

Because they are often made with natural items like pine and fir, they look extremely natural. Some also feature berries, flowers, pine cones and other items, not only adding to the natural appearance but also creating a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Do you keep your wreath up even when it isn’t Christmas anymore? Let us know some of the reasons you love them as much as we do by leaving a comment on this post or heading over to social media!