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Top 10 festive decor ideas for your home this Christmas.

Decorating your home for Christmas is never easy, but these creative ideas will add an extra festive touch to the traditional presents under the tree and stockings over the hearth, and make sure your home is as Christmas ready as it can be!

Do you need a little inspiration for decorating your home for Christmas? Don’t worry, our team of elves at CSD are experts in making everything as festive as possible and are here to give you a helping hand. 

Obviously you will have already started with the traditional festive basics. You have put the Christmas tree up, hung a wreath on the door and put that mistletoe in strategic places around the house, but you will be surprised at the difference a few extra touches will make, so let’s take your Christmas decor to the next level!

Make a Christmas tree skirt.

Whether you have a real tree in a pot, or an artificial tree with one of those angular stands, the base of a Christmas tree is usually quite dull and boring until it is hidden away under a ton of presents, so what do you do? You make a skirt for it! No, not that type, this is just a piece of cloth that decorates the base of your tree, nothing too fancy. You can use pretty much any material you like as long as it is relatively Christmas themed or coloured in the same way as your room decor or theme, and just wrap it around the base and create a carpet around your tree. If your tree is on a small table simply drape it over so that it covers the legs and reaches the ground. You could even buy some white fleece or packing material from a craft shop and create a snow like appearance under a flocked tree for that realistic snowy look. 

Use throw blankets and cushions. 

No matter what Christmas decorations we use, our normal everyday furniture is usually the same, so get some large Christmas themed blankets, throws and cushions and give your sofas and chairs an easy Christmas makeover, even plain Christmas colours like red or green or whatever matches your festive theme will do, you will be surprised at the difference it makes. 

Use extra wreaths as table ornaments. 

Who says you have to hang your wreath on the front door? You can use them as decorative centrepieces for your dining room table too, just stick a few decorative candles in the centre!

Be liberal with garlands. 

Most people just decorate their living rooms at Christmas but who says you have to stop there? Buy some extra garlands and wrap them around every doorway, banister rail, shelf, headboard or any other surface that will hold them! Bonus points for LED lit ones!

Fill your home with candles.

Nothing says Christmas like the warm glow of a hundred candles lighting up every room, but you don’t want to create a fire hazard so why not use a lot of cheap white LED candles instead? They are ultra energy efficient, will create a festive atmosphere and may even save on your electric bill! Smaller LED tealights work just as well at creating that festive atmosphere too.

Decorate surfaces with a few water lanterns.

These amazing little ornaments give off a traditional Victorian Christmas feel with the added bonus of a festive scene and a softly lit glow to boot! Simply dot them around your home to give you a seasonal reminder no matter what room you are in.

Go natural.

If you love the natural, outdoorsy look for your Christmas theme then go for a walk and collect a few pine cones, twigs and holly. Tie them together with a bit of string and hang them from door handles or window frames or get some empty glass jars and fill them up before placing them around your home. This is perfect for the natural winter wonderland look. 

Get extra trees.

Who says you just have to have one Christmas tree in your living room? Have another one in your hallway. How about another small LED tree on your bedroom dresser or your dining room sideboard! Go all out!

Upcycle old wine bottles. 

Everyone loves a little drink at Christmas, but instead of getting rid of all your wine bottles why not get some small, battery powered LED string lights and turn them into glowing decorations instead? We won’t judge if you have a house full of them, promise!

Decorate your table.

We all know the effort that goes into dressing the table for Christmas dinner. The candles, the crackers, the fancy dinner plates, but who says it only has to be for one day? Get a festive coloured runner or tablecloth, then make a Christmas centerpiece with candles, spare decorations or whatever you have to hand. You don’t have to go all out like you do on the big day, just enough to create that extra seasonal cheer.

We hope this has given you a few extra ideas for adding even more festive cheer to your home this Christmas! Remember, there is no right or wrong way to decorate, if it makes you happy, it’s a good thing!