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Christmas planning tips for 2023

Too early for Christmas? Here's why preparation is key

Is it too early for the ‘C’ word? As you may know, we love Christmas here at Christmas Store Direct, and it’s never too soon to get in the festive mood.

We know that most people don’t start to think about it until after Halloween but with that only a few weeks away, we thought we’d put together some tips and advice to help get you started.

Here are some reasons planning in advance is essential for the perfect Christmas…

Reduced stress

Planning early allows you to spread out tasks and avoid the last-minute rush, reducing the stress associated with holiday preparations.

Budget management

Getting ahead lets you budget for gifts, decorations, and other expenses, making it easier to manage your finances and avoid overspending.


Popular holiday items such as decorations, gifts, and even travel accommodations tend to sell out or become more expensive as Christmas approaches. Getting them in advance ensures you have access to a wider selection and better prices.


When you plan ahead, you have more time to personalise gifts and decorations, making them more meaningful and special for your loved ones.

Avoiding crowds

Shopping and running errands are more pleasant when you can do them during off-peak times, well before the hectic rush.


Early planning allows you to coordinate schedules with family and friends for gatherings, making it easier to accommodate everyone's availability.


If you’re going to be travelling at Christmas, it’s important to book flights, accommodation and transport as soon as plans are finalised. This can help to save you money and ensure you get the dates and options you prefer.

Guaranteed delivery

Shipping gifts to loved ones, especially if they live far away, can be a logistical challenge. By ordering with plenty of time, you can choose the most cost-effective shipping options and rest assured your gifts arrive on time.

Enjoy the season

Early planning gives you more time to relax, savour the holiday spirit, and engage in festive activities without feeling overwhelmed by last-minute preparations.

Festive décor

You can decorate your home and surroundings at a leisurely pace, creating a warm and inviting holiday atmosphere.

Avoiding procrastination

For those who are known to procrastinate (which let’s face it, is all of us at some point!), well-planned Christmas preparation can help break the cycle and ensure everything gets done.

Quality time

Getting all the tedious tasks, like gift shopping, ordering decorations and booking transport, out of the way allows you to allocate more time for meaningful activities with loved ones, such as baking cookies, watching holiday movies, or volunteering together.

Adapting to changes

Starting early gives you more leeway so that you can be flexible and adapt to unexpected circumstances or changes in your holiday plans.

Reflection and gratitude

Having more spare time presents opportunities for reflection on the past year and the chance to express gratitude for the people and experiences that have enriched your life.

Planning Christmas early can enhance your holiday experience by reducing stress, allowing for better budgeting and customisation, and ensuring a more enjoyable and meaningful celebration with your loved ones.

With just a couple of months to go, why not start now?