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Rainy day activities for all the family to enjoy

Rainy day activities for all the family

The weather has been extremely unreliable in the UK recently, which means it's hard to plan anything in with family or friends. 

However, you shouldn't let the rain put you off! There are still lots of fun activities you can do, like indoor activities and experiences.

Here's some inspiration for things to do on rainy days (which have been tried and tested by the Christmas Store Direct team!)

Cultural and educational activities

Visit museums

The UK is home to many world-class museums. The British Museum and the Natural History Museum in London, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, and the Manchester Museum are excellent choices for anyone looking to learn about history and culture.

Historical sites

There are plenty of indoor historical sites which offer fascinating insights into the past. This includes the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Edinburgh Castle, just to name a few!

Family-friendly activities

Aquariums and zoos

A popular choice for families (especially with young children) is to head to a local aquarium or zoo. Most of them have indoor exhibits where you can watch sealion shows, watch monkeys playing and learn about new animals.

Some even offer experiences where you can hold/feed/meet the animals too - which kids are guaranteed to love!

Science centres

Interactive science museums like the Science Museum in London or the Glasgow Science Centre are perfect for a fun, educational day out. This is an especially good idea if your little ones have an interest in science, as it gives them to chance to do something they enjoy while building skills and confidence.

Indoor play areas

Soft play areas like KidZania in London or Wonder World Soft Play in Edinburgh are great for younger children. You can also find these types of areas in some pubs, restaurants and shopping centre, so it's definitely worth checking out what you have nearby!

Entertainment and leisure

Theatre and cinema

Have family or friends that love all things theatre? Why not use the poor weather  to your advantage and catch a play in London’s West End, a musical in Manchester or visit a local cinema to watch the latest films?

Escape rooms

Have what it takes to complete an escape room? If you're good under pressure, you might want test your problem-solving skills(and possibly test your friendships too!) at one of these exciting venues which are scattered all around the UK.

Bowling and arcade games

Bowling alleys and arcades can provide hours of entertainment! If you are working with a budget, you might want to check out off-peak prices, especially if the kids are off school and/or you work weekends.

Relaxation and wellbeing

Spas and wellness days

A spa or wellbeing facility is perfect if you are looking to relax, unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life. Whether you take a swim in the pool, steam in the sauna or treat yourself to a massage, you will have a great time (no matter what the weather!)

Indoor pools

Get in some exercise without even needing to go outside with a swim at an indoor pool. There are also water parks like Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool which have slides, attractions and tropical temperature water.

Afternoon tea

This is a must-try for everyone's bucket list! Head out for afternoon tea to taste some lovely sandwiches, savoury snacks, cakes and sweet treats. Some even offer alcoholic options like prosecco, gin or cocktails, if you fancy a tipple!


Indoor markets such as Borough Market in London, St Nicholas Market in Bristol, and Leeds Kirkgate Market offer unique shopping experiences. These are especially good at Christmas time but worth a visit anytime of the year too!

Creative and educational workshops

Cooking classes

Join a cooking class to learn new culinary skills which could cover anything from chopping skills and ingredient prep to baking and basic cooking methods.

Art and craft days

Participate in pottery, painting, or crafting workshops at studios like The Painted Pot in York or PopUp Painting in various cities. This is great for those with a creative flair, or just want to try something new!

Dance and fitness classes

Try a dance or fitness class at studios like Pineapple Dance Studios in London or The Yoga Loft in Manchester. Alternatively, you could join your local gym or attend classes at a community centre. 

These activities ensure that a rainy day can be enjoyable and productive, offering a wide range of experiences to suit all interests and ages.