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Recipes to try this festive season

Mouth-watering festive recipes

Starting to get in the Christmas spirit? With the big day just over a month away, now is the perfect time to test out those festive recipes.

If you enjoy them and they taste good, you could even serve them to friends and family during December celebrations.

Here are some delicious recipes to try…

Roast turkey

Turkey is a traditional and extremely popular choice at Christmas. You can season it with herbs and spices, which can include salt, pepper and rosemary. Remember to defrost with plenty of time, unwrap at least an hour before cooking and check the internal temperature has reached 70°C or over before setting it to rest.

Holiday ham

Treat yourself to the perfect, warming meal by glazing a ham joint with a mixture of brown sugar, mustard and cloves. Baking it creates a sweet and savoury dish that all of the family can enjoy.

Herb-crusted prime rib

Prime rib is a luxurious choice and is a nice alternative at Christmas. All you need to do to prepare is coat it in a mixture of fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme, then slow-roast for a juicy and flavourful main course.

Vegetarian stuffed acorn squash

If you’re cooking for vegetarians or vegans, we’ve got you covered! Simply fill acorn squash with a mix of wild rice, cranberries, pecans and herbs. It's a beautiful and tasty dish which has lots of nutritional value too.

Cranberry orange sauce

Fancy something a little bit different? Upgrade your cranberry sauce with the addition of fresh orange zest and juice. It adds a citrusy brightness to the sweet-tart cranberries, and goes well with gooey cheeses, rich meats like pork, lamb, beef, goose, and turkey (of course!)

Baked Brie with cranberry chutney

Looking for a tasty starter? Wrap a wheel of Brie in puff pastry and bake until golden, then top with homemade cranberry chutney for a delightful appetiser.

Gingerbread cookies

Nothing says the holidays like gingerbread cookies. You can use a store-bought mix or mix your ingredients from scratch, before cutting them into festive shapes and decorating with icing and sprinkles.

Peppermint bark

Who doesn’t love chocolate at this time of year? Put together a treat for the sweet-lovers in your life by melting white and dark chocolate and layering with crushed peppermint candies.

Eggnog cheesecake

Give your cheesecake a festive twist by incorporating eggnog into the batter. Top it with a sprinkle of nutmeg for extra holiday flavour.

Warm boozy drinks

Simmer apple cider or mulled wine with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange slices for a warm and comforting beverage. Alternatively, add a dash of Baileys to your hot chocolate before topping with cream and marshmallows.

Holiday punch

Mix cranberry juice, orange juice, ginger ale, and a splash of pineapple juice. Perfect the mix by adding some festive ice cubes with cranberries and mint.

Remember to adjust these recipes based on your dietary preferences and any allergies. Enjoy your cooking and feel free to send us your photos of the end result!