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Save money this summer with these handy tips

Money-saving tips for summer

For most of us in the UK, kids will be breaking up for half term today (if they haven't already!). As parents, we understand just how costly it can be to keep them entertained for the next week but don't worry, we have some useful tips and advice.

There are plenty of ways you can reduce costs in other areas, such as in the home or on travel, to help give you more money to spend on the things that really matter. 

And, if you are an organised person, you might be starting to think about Christmas too. Instead of waiting until December to buy all the gifts, many people find it less stressful to save throughout the year. 

Check out our top tips for saving money this summer.

Energy & utility

  • When it gets warm, try to increase natural ventilation by opening windows and doors. If you need more cool air, try to use a fan rather than air conditioning as this often works out much cheaper to run.
  • Set your thermostat higher when you’re not home, and use programmable thermostats to control cooling efficiently.
  • Block sunlight using blinds, shades or reflective window coverings to keep your home cooler and reduce the need for air con.
  • The weather is getting warmer, which means it's time to cook outdoors! Use a grill or eat cold meals to avoid heating up your kitchen which not only makes you more uncomfortable but means you would need to use the extractor fans.

Travel and leisure

  • Saving money doesn't mean you need to sacrifice travel and holidays, especially with so many staycations available. Airbnb is a good choice if you want to stay somewhere nice but affordable too, and gives you flexibility for the number of guests, location and dates too.
  • Explore local attractions instead of traveling far. Visit parks, museums, and festivals in your area.
  • If you do travel, look for last-minute deals, use travel apps for discounts, and consider staying in extremely budget-friendly places like hostels.
  • Do your activities during off-peak times if you want to save some cash. Many places, like museums, restaurants and sight seeing trips do better offers during the day and midweek, as these are usually their quieter times.

Food and dining

  • Save on your fruit and vegetables by buying ones that are in season, as they are usually cheaper, fresher and last much longer.
  • Shop at farmers markets for fresh, affordable produce while supporting local farms and greengrocers.
  • Who says you need to head out for a fancy meal? There is nothing wrong with packing a picnic and heading to your local park or gardens, which often is much more fun too!

Outdoor activities

  • Look for free community events such as concerts, movies in the park, and festivals. You can often find these advertised in local Facebook groups or by word of mouth, so keep an eye out.
  • Create your own entertainment (and save money in the meantime!) by starting a new craft project, exercising in the garden, running a family quiz night or taking up a new sport.

Household and personal

  • If you can, dry your clothes on a line outside which will make them smell lovely and fresh, be dry quicker but also reduce your energy bills too.
  • Water your garden early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporation and cut water bills.
  • Buy summer essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, and grilling supplies in bulk, or from your local supermarket or pound stores. Buying the 'budget' brand is a good option as they are often just as good as the more well-known brands but a fraction of the price.


  • Use public transportation to get yourself to work, visit family or whatever else you have planned. If the weather is nice, why not walk or cycle there? This is a great way to get some exercise and can be fun for all the family.
  • Share rides with colleagues, friends, family or even neighbours you know to reduce petrol costs. This is better for the environment too!

Financial tips

  • Plan your summer activities and set a budget to avoid overspending. Try to stick to this if you can, and don't be tempted to dip into extra savings unless absolutely essential.
  • An increasingly popular way to save a bit of money is by using apps that offer cash back on purchases. It's important to only purchase things that you would usually buy or need, otherwise you will actually end up spending more.
  • Keep track of your spending to identify and cut unnecessary costs. Keeping record of your spending, be it by noting down your outgoings, setting up a spreadsheet or logging it online, will help you to stay in control of your finanaces better.

We hope that you find these money-saving tips useful and would love to know if you have any advice for us. Feel free to get in touch with the team or leave feedback via social media.