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Stocking filler ideas

Inspiration for stocking fillers

Not sure what to give your loved ones this Christmas? From chocolates and perfume to gift voucher and money, there are definitely lots of things to choose from.

If you're looking for stocking filler ideas, check out our inspiration below...


Scented or decorative candles add a cosy touch to the holiday season and are an affordable option too.


Sweet treats are classic stocking fillers. Consider gourmet chocolates, candy canes, or the recipient's favourite sweets.

Miniature toys

Small toys or figurines related to the recipient's interests, such as mini action figures, puzzle cubes, or fidget toys.


Fun and festive socks or fluffy and warm winter socks are always practical and appreciated.


Personalised or themed keychains can be a cute and functional addition to a stocking.


Mini notebooks, colourful pens, or unique stationery items can be great for someone who enjoys writing or drawing.

Pocket-sized games

Small card games, travel-sized board games, or puzzle games make for entertaining stocking fillers.

Gourmet snacks

Unique snacks like flavoured popcorn, nuts, or specialty cookies can be a tasty surprise.

Lip balm or lip gloss

Keep lips moisturised during the winter with a nice lip balm or a festive lip gloss.

Hand warmers

Especially useful during the colder months, hand warmers can be a thoughtful and practical gift.


Consider a decorative or personalized bookmark for someone who loves to read.


Festive ornaments can be a lovely addition to the holiday stocking and can be used year after year.

Phone accessories

Small phone gadgets like a phone stand, pop socket, or a cute phone case.

Bath bombs or shower steamers

Pamper someone with scented bath bombs or shower steamers for a relaxing experience.

Mini plant or succulent

A small potted plant or succulent can add a touch of nature of Christmas festivities.

Remember, the key is to consider the recipient's interests and preferences when selecting stocking fillers. These small gifts can be a delightful addition to the holiday tradition.