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Turn Christmas decorations into Easter

How to reuse Christmas decorations at Easter

Want to decorate for Easter but don't want the expense of having to buy brand new decorations?

Transforming Christmas decorations into Easter-themed decorations can be a fun and creative project which also saves you money too.

Here are some ideas of our favourite ideas for giving your Christmas décor an Easter twist.

Easter egg ornaments

Take any plain Christmas ornaments or baubles and paint them in pastel colours like light blue, pink, or lavender. Use acrylic paint to add Easter-themed designs such as bunnies, chicks, flowers, or Easter eggs.


If you have a Christmas wreath, remove any festive decorations like red tinsel or baubles. Add Easter elements like artificial flowers, pastel-coloured ribbons, and small Easter eggs to create a seasonal wreath.


Repurpose your Christmas tree by removing any Christmas ornaments. Decorate it with eggs, ribbons, and small hanging ornaments featuring bunnies, chicks, or flowers.

Bunnies and chicks

Create or purchase bunny and chick ornaments, and hang them on your existing Christmas tree. Consider adding bows or ribbons in your favourite colours to enhance the theme.


If you have a Christmas centrepiece, replace any Christmas elements with Easter-themed items. Use a basket filled with brightly decorated eggs, spring flowers, and grass to create a spring look.


Swap out any traditional Christmas lights for light coloured pastel string lights. Arrange the lights around windows, door frames, or along the mantel to add a touch of Easter charm.

Table settings

Replace Christmas-themed tablecloths and napkins with spring themes like bunnies, lambs and eggs. Use Easter-themed plates, cups, and utensils to create a festive table setting.

Flowers and greenery

Incorporate fresh or artificial spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, or lilies into your existing arrangements. Place potted plants or floral arrangements around the house for a springtime feel.

Signs and banners

Add an extra special touch by displaying signs and banners that celebrate Easter. Look for phrases like "Happy Easter," "Springtime Joy," or other greetings.

By incorporating these Easter-themed elements into your existing Christmas decorations, you can easily give your home a fresh and festive look for the upcoming change in season.

Got ideas for upgrading your décor? We'd love to hear what inspiration you have for us!