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How To Decorate Your Living Room For Christmas.

Decorating your living room for Christmas is one of the best ways to get ready for the festive season and is a Christmas tradition that the whole family can enjoy, after all your living room is the social heart of your home. But if you are stuck for seasonal ideas on how you can decorate your living space, here are just a few inspirational tips to make your living room feel as festive as possible. 

Putting up the Christmas decorations is always one of the best times of year, the grumbling dad has finally given in to calls to get the decorations out of the attic, Slade is playing on repeat, the kids are excitedly writing out their Christmas lists and the invites for drinks and family gatherings have gone out, but how do you make sure your main living space gives off a festive vibe that Santa himself would be proud of? Sure, the Christmas tree looks great in the corner and the lights have finally started working, but how do you take it to the next level?

Creating the perfect Christmas themed living room will make sure the hub of your home is full of Christmas spirit all season long!

No matter what your taste or normal decor is like, there are Christmas decorations to suit everyone! Here are just a few ideas to decorate your living room this Christmas to make sure you don’t come across like a Grinch.

Go all out on colour. 

To people of a certain age, Christmas is all about the soft glow of old fashioned bulb fairy lights that came in every primary colour, not the overpowered LED lights of today, and that nostalgia is a powerful thing so why not base your entire theme around it? If you have a traditional green Christmas tree go all out with tinsel, lights and baubles of every primary colour, think deep reds, bright blues and glittering greens. Choose oversized baubles too and make sure you fill in every gap to really accentuate that burst of colour. Keep this going with a rainbow of stockings above the fireplace and don’t worry too much about coordinating any hanging decorations. Just pick a colour at random and go for it! This may seem too gaudy for some but if you are the type of person to go all out you’ll love it! You can even add a finishing touches with a bunch of cute Christmas light ornaments, who doesn’t love a Santa Claus or snowman ornament? This decor goes really well with an all white or minimalist type living room, as the colour will really make it pop.

Bring the outdoors in.

If your home is more natural or has a farmhouse cottage look, you can really get a traditional Christmas vibe by creating an all natural outdoors look in your living room. Think about those old fashioned Christmas cards of snow filled scenes, a robin on a snowy branch, you get the picture! For this look you want to start with the tree, a large, natural looking tree is perfect, even more so if it is flocked to give the impression that it has been covered in snow. For the rustic look you need to keep it simple with colours, so just pick one or two for the tinsel and baubles, a more traditional green and red work great, and don’t overdo it. Ribbon or popcorn garlands work really well here as they aren’t as showy and allow the tree itself to shine, and warm white lights work really well as they create a natural glow. For the rest of the decor you can go wild with craftwork. Take the kids and go and collect some pinecones to fill empty jars with, use a lot of wood and evergreen plants. Hang a lot of mistletoe wherever you can for an excuse for a kiss with your partner, and make good use of large Christmas wreaths and garlands, especially if they are decorated with natural berries, holly and other woodland decor. You can also use water lanterns with traditional scenes for that old fashioned, vintage look.

The classic look.

If your tastes are a little more subtle and refined, you can keep your decor simple and elegant by sticking to a pale gold and silver theme. A white tree works really well with a white, minimalist decor, and paired with silver decorations and strategically placed LED candles you can create a very understated luxury vibe. If your living room has darker colours such as dark blue, navy or teals, try decorating the tree with baubles of the same colour paired with bright gold, and use a warm white LED lighting for a feeling of high end luxury.

Use metallic colours.

For a slightly different twist on the classic decor you can really go all out on the extravagance and create a theme with a mixture of metallic colours. Silver and yellow, white and rose gold or even a few bronze elements really create a striking and luxurious look. A small touch of glitter and some faux fur throw pillows and rugs can really bring out this theme, or if you want to mix it up a little combine the bronze and rose gold ornaments and colours with the rustic look and decor.

Use wreaths everywhere!

Remember, Christmas wreaths aren’t just for the front door, you can hang a huge statement wreath above your fireplace, hang one off internal doors, use one as a table decoration and even couple all of these with as many garlands as your house can take!

Use all your furniture.

Christmas decor isn’t just about the tree, you can also decorate the normal focal points of your living room too. Throughout the year your fireplace and mantlepiece may be the focal point, it may be the built in bookshelves in your alcoves or maybe even a huge Welsh dresser, whatever it is, why not make it a festive focal point too?

Keep it simple.

Not everyone wants to go all out on decor at Christmas and many people don’t have a lot of space in their living room to create an all out Christmas extravaganza, but that’s okay, you really don’t have to go all out to make a huge impact. A simple small tree on a corner stand coupled with a single but powerful statement display on a coffee table can make all the difference. A wreath with a few candles inside and maybe a small set of battery powered LED string lights are perfect for this.

Cosy up.

Creating the perfect cosy Christmas living room isn’t always just about the decorations themselves, and it isn’t realistic to expect a brand new seasonable paint job and new furniture, so instead why not use coloured or festive throw blankets and cushion covers to give your whole room a new, fresh makeover before you even put the tree up? You can choose any colours that suit your planned theme or just have festive patterns, either way it will add that extra layer of cosiness for when you snuggle up to watch Home Alone again! 

Get crafty.

Christmas is all about spending time with family, so why not get the kids involved and get creative by making some of your own decorations? It will add to that personal touch and maybe even make a new Christmas tradition! There are plenty of ideas out there, but just to start with you can make wreaths out of old Christmas cards, fill some old jars with LED string lights, make garlands out of old Christmas cards, the list of ideas is endless but will certainly make for a fun Christmas!

No matter how you choose to decorate your living room this Christmas, just remember there is no right or wrong way, it is all about what makes you and your family happy. So get those decorations out, have a fun time putting them up and always have an amazing Christmas!