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Heart shaped Valentines wreath decoration

Festive decorations to use all year

Christmas may feel like a lifetime ago but did you know that some people keep their decorations up throughout the year? From Valentine’s wreaths to Halloween trees, there are tons of ways to use your festive decorations all year round!

After all, it does seem a shame (and wasteful!) to only use them once, and either throw them in the bin or put them away for another year.

Check out some of these funky ideas to keep you feeling festive…

Valentine’s wreaths

The increasingly popular wreaths are not only great for Valentine’s Day, but are a lovely addition to your existing décor. They can be made in a traditional circle shape or even a stunning heart, which represents the love and care surrounding this special occasion. Most are made in pink or red shades, and may feature quirky little extras like ribbons, flowers and gems, that make them the perfect piece to hang on your wall, no matter what time of year it is!

Easter wreaths

Similar to the Valentine’s Day wreaths, there are wreaths made especially for Easter. These cute decorations can be made using garlands (ideal if you have any left over from Christmas!), or using natural items like trees, twigs and branches. They are often decorated with bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs and baskets, so you can keep them displayed for the whole of spring if you wish too!

Fairy, string and festoon lights

Light up your life (and living room!) with stunning fairy, string or festoon lights! As well as making a merry and bright addition to your Christmas décor, these are also great for adding light to any room in your home in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Hang them over staircase handrails, over the top of shelves, on patios and balconies, or even around trees and plants in your garden. They add style and charisma, and definitely shouldn’t be limited to Christmas time only!

Honeycomb paper balls

These are another very popular decoration used during the festive period and many don’t realise that they can be used at any other time of year. These cute paper balls are usually hung on stair bannisters, walls or above dining room tables. If you have them in neutral colours, such as grey, light pink or navy, there is no reason you can’t keep them up on display. Honeycomb paper balls in bright pink, purple or yellow can be used as bold statement in any room of your house.

Do you keep any other decorations up after Christmas? We’d love to know so feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact us via social media!