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Bucket list activities for summer 2024

Bucket list inspiration


Want to make the most of summer 2024?

Creating a bucket list can be a fantastic way to make the most of the warm weather and long days.

Here are some fun and exciting activities to add to your bucket list.

Outdoor adventures

Go hiking - Get outdoors and explore a new trail or revisit a favorite one.

Camping trip - Pack up your tent and sleeping bags, and spend a night or two under the stars.

Beach day - Visit your local beach (or if you're lucky, travel abroad) and have fun swimming, sunbathing and building sandcastles.

Kayaking/canoeing - Paddle down a river or lake and take in your refreshing surroundings.

Picnic in the park - Gather your friends and family, pack some drinks and snacks, and head to a park to relax in the sunshine.

Go biking - It's the perfect time to get out your bike and ride through scenic routes or city paths.

Outdoor concert or movie - Enjoy live music or a film in an open-air setting.

Fishing - Spend a quiet day by the water taking in the peacefulness and tranquillity.

Stargazing - Find a dark spot and watch the night sky.

Outdoor yoga - Improve your fitness and strength by joining a class or practing on your own in nature.

Travel and exploration

Visit a National Park - Discover the natural beauty and unique landscapes which are scattered around the UK.

Road trip - Pack a bag and head out on an exciting road trip. Be sure to plan your route and find exciting stops along the way.

Visit a farmers market - Support small independent businesses by getting fresh produce and artisan goods from a farmers market.

Explore a new city or town - Learn about other cultures and experience different settings when you take a day trip or weekend getaway.

Attend a festival - Do something a little bit different and find local fairs, music festivals or cultural events.

Water activities

Swimming - Whether it’s a pool, lake, or ocean, there are plenty of places you can go for a cool, refreshing swim.
Water Park - Have fun with slides and wave pools.

Surfing or paddleboarding - Try a new water sport and have a fun experience at the same time.

Snorkelling or scuba diving - If you are heading away this summer, why not explore the stunning underwater scenery and wildlife?

Jet Skiing or Boating - One for the thrill-seekers is to go jet skiing or out on a boat to experience the speed and adventure on the water/

Creative and educational activities

Take a photography tour - Capture the beauty of summer and improve your skills at the same time on a photography tour.

Art Class or workshop - Fancy getting creative? You could try different crafts like painting, pottery, crochet or diamond art - just to name a few!

Cooking class - Learn to make a seasonal dish or cuisine at a class, demo or simply by practicing a recipe yourself.

Visit museums or historical sites - Enrich your knowledge and enjoy cultural experiences with a trip to a museum or famous landmark.

Gardening - Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside to plant flowers, vegetables or herbs.

Relaxation and wellness

Read a book - Take time out for yourself and read a new book, or finish one you started but never got round to finishing!

Spa day - Treat yourself to a some much-needed self love with massage, beauty appointment, new nails or other spa service.

Meditation retreat - Find peace and mindfulness at a meditation retreat.

Host a BBQ - Catch up with friends or family you might not have seen for a while and cook up some delicious food.

Visit a vineyard or brewery - Tour a vineyard or brewery and learn about the process while , of course, tasting their wines or craft beers.

Family-friendly activities

Go to an amusement park - Keep the kids entertained with games and rides at an amusement or theme park.

Zoo or aquarium visit - See and learn about animals by taking a trip to a safari park, zoo or aquarium.

Outdoor crafts with kids - Create beautiful keepsakes you will treasure forever and do your bit for the environment using nature-inspired materials.

Ice cream stop - Find the best spots (locally or nationally) for ice cream and cool down from the warm weather.

Unique experiences

Hot air balloon ride - See the world from a brand new perspective in a hot air balloon experience.

Fruit picking - Visit an orchard or berry farm and pick your own delicious fruit.

Volunteer outdoors - Help with a community garden or clean-up project, or dedicate time at your local animal shelter.

Watch a sunrise or sunset - Find the perfect spot to watch the sky and take in the beautiful colours and atmosphere.

Host a themed party - Choose a fun theme (like movies or music artists) and celebrate with friends. This is great if you need ideas for a birthday!

This list should help you create unforgettable memories this summer. If you have added any of these to your bucket list, we'd love to see photos when you tick them off!